Morecambe Bay Slings

Welcome to Morecambe Bay Slings inventory site. Here you will find a comprehensive inventory of baby carriers which are available for you to hire at one of our weekly sling library sessions.

If you are looking to try or hire a carrier for your baby, toddler or preschooler, then look no further than Morecambe Bay Slings. We have all kinds of slings and carriers to try and hire, from buckle carriers to stretchy wraps to ring slings to mai tais, to fit mums and dads of all different shapes and sizes. We are a not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, and all hire fees are invested back into the sling library.

All of our sling meets and library sessions are completely free of charge to attend. You can get  advice on a carrier which you already own, or try on one of our library slings. Please consider what your needs are beforehand as we only have time during library sessions to assist you with the fitting of one sling. Keep in mind that we are open every week, and should you feel that you require more time or assistance than the 15 minutes allows, we can be available for a private consultation at an additional cost.

There are two ways to hire a sling from Morecambe Bay Slings:

  1. Non-Membership Hire - To hire as a non-member, you will be required to provide a £30 refundable deposit for your sling. The duration of hire is for 4 weeks, and costs £16
  2. Annual Membership - It costs £25 for a one years membership to Morecambe Bay Slings. As a member you are not required to pay any deposit for your sling. The duration of hire is for 4 weeks, and you receive a 50% discount off of all hire costs, making this £8. In addition to this you would also receive a discount off of any workshops you may choose to attend during the year.

Stretchy slings automatically receive a 50% discount making them £8 for non members, and £4 for members for a 4 week hire period. Making it much easier to hire your stretchy carriers during the first few months of your babies life, than going through the added stress of buying and selling your stretchy sling. Please visit our main website for our free 4 week stretchy hire scheme.

Please note that we are unable to offer a reservation service, and all sling hire is on a first come first serve basis. To maximise your chances of securing the sling that you want, please arrive nice and early to library sessions as we cannot guarantee that your preferred carrier will be available towards the end.

To go back to our main site, or to find out more information about the services that we can offer you, click on the link below.